A New Owner

An introduction


I’m Jenny and I have been an avid collector of things for as long as I can remember.


I have had my own business in one form or another since 2012. All of my businesses over the years have used my creativity in some way, it’s definitely a large part of who I am and what I love to do. 


Recently I’ve been focusing more on the creative side of my business. I create art through mixed media art, photography and also digital art.  


In my art work, I love to use found objects from op shops and markets, and they often form the basis of my art. Right now, I have a big collection of wooden products and I just upcycle them as needed for the shops that I sell in.  Recently, I’ve also been upcycling a whole lot of clocks, which has been a lot of fun. 


I have also been working on some 2 cent piece projects to put on the website, and I have some bowls I am working on, which will go to some of the shops I have stock in. So I am always doing something creative, and it often involves treasure hunting and upcycling!


I’m passionate about travel, and have a large collection of New Zealand maps, and some world globes. There most definitely is some big New Zealand road trips in my future, and I will be spreading the word about Treasure Hunting as I visit as many Op Shops as I can fit in! 


For a while now, over on my other social media, I have been documenting my op shop trips on video, showing my followers some of my amazing finds and how to get the most out of your treasure hunting trips. I’m going to bring this across to Treasure Hunters, and as I travel the country, I will introduce you to my favourite shops around New Zealand.


I love finding treasures to add to my collection, but I also buy and sell second hand goods, mainly vintage and retro, and sell them on my website www.jennylatto.com. It really is amazing what you can find, and often in the most unlikely of places! Sometimes it can be the smallest op shop, or one in a tiny town, and you find precious things you would never expect! I have recently started collecting Sorrento in Orange crockery by Crown Lynn, and it’s always exciting hunting out the next piece.


Last year I mentioned to a friend that I would love to start up a directory of op shops and second hand shops  around New Zealand, but I decided against it, as the time just wasn’t right.


The opportunity to purchase Treasure Hunting presented itself soon after, and I jumped at the chance to take on such an exciting new business. It is perfect for me. Like my art, this is a business where I can do the things I really love. 


Treasure Hunting is coming back to life, with new sellers, new features and to really show the general public exactly how much fun Treasure Hunting can be, even if it’s online treasure hunting from the  comfort of your home. 


So many people don’t understand the excitement of finding that perfect item for their home, or finding that one missing piece from a set you’ve collected, but I’m here to show you. 


See you again soon, with some exciting new updates!

The History of NZ's Treasure Hunting Directory

Founded by Kirsten Wilson. Treasure Hunting is where you can find all the secret hunting grounds for anything antique, second hand and preloved. Antique Shops, Secondhand Shop, Op Shops and Auction Houses.

A modern directory to replace all phone books and newspaper classifieds. It’s accurate, up to date and built from a wealth of community knowledge plus everything that  could actively seek out from all kinds of places to bring it all together in one useful resource. So customers can access what they need to know from home or on-the-go. 

Every year  places that were so secret, they ran out of business and ceased trading. The goal is to prevent that happening. This directory is designed to support local businesses and charitable shops by making their details more accessible online in one place. This is not an exclusive list of the best, it’s everything so the treasure hunters can decide what they’re looking for. Every shop that we could find is listed except for car dealerships and online stores without a tangible shop. (South Island)

This second hand directory concept is an idea Kirsten had been talking about for years. It was born of frustration when she was an ambitious, organised and frugal student studying marketing. Planning a circuit of op-shops to scour for fabulous affordable clothes or a simple piece of furniture for her flat but wasted trips happened on turning up to find the  store closed on a Monday or unable to accept eftpos payments! One day she rang around four charity shops to find one that would accept her donation of a rattling washing machine. That was the day she realised a directory needed to be so much more than what you can find in the yellow pages.

That was in 2006. So more than 10 years later she finally took the opportunity to make this a reality.Its called Treasure Hunting because it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor or environmentally motivated, we’re all in search of a treasure or two however you define what a treasure is to you.

Where ever you go, remember to tell all the second hand and antique shops and secondhand shops and auctioneers about this treasure hunting directory so they can see how effective it is for their business. That will really help keep the momentum of this treasurehunting.co.nz directory going on and on.

And join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Find out latest sales, events and share your excitement about your latest stella treasure find. Happy Treasure Hunting.

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