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New Zealanders are increasingly shopping online AND researching online about where they want to go shopping. If you're not easy to find online, you're missing out on these Treasure Hunters who WANT to find your place too.

Reach More Customers

We know how and where to find new customers that match your store. Compare our prices to advertising in the phone book or newspaper. These forums have dwindling reach and are very limited in how much detail they can include.

Happy Customers

Get happy customers before they walk in the door by managing their expectations. Customers can find everything they need to know about your place before they arrive. Happy customers return again and again, often with friends.

Information Centre

Treasure Hunters hardly ever visit just one shop, they want multiple locations to peruse. This directory is the hub for everything they want to know about all the places they want to treasure hunt. Can they include your shop in their round trip?

Map Location

With a map, Treasure Hunters can easily plan how and when they will include a stop at your place as part of their shopping trip. Stand out from the crowd with your logo on the map instead of the Treasure Hunting rocking horse by upgrading to a FULL listing.

Open Hours

It's impossible to memorise the unusual open hours of all the Antique and Second hand shops. Disappointed customers who found your closed sign when they made the effort to come, rarely return to try again. Don't disappoint them, let them know when you're open.


A printed version of this directory is available at information centres and some shops for treasure hunters making new discoveries. Don't rely on local knowledge, memories fade. Reach new customers, travelling customers enjoying a day of local shopping.


Using your own log-in, you can monitor the performance of your listing(s) with line graphs showing the number of people viewing your details daily, weekly or monthly. Learn about how customers are finding you by seeing the proportion of viewers using mobile devices vs desktop screens.

No Adverts

Many other directory websites are funded by adverts. There will never be adverts here on besides your listings. There’s a very good reason for this, we can’t stand being interrupted or distracted by annoying adverts so we're not going to do that your customers.

Marketing Experts

No matter what type of customer you have, Treasure Hunting will find them for you; Bargain hunters, Frugal budgeters, Antique collectors, Tourists, Browsers, Down-sizers, Spring cleaners, Estate inheritors, Generous donators ... Treasure Hunters.


Select a Listing Type

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