Cook’s kitchen treasure

Last time I looked, you couldn’t buy these things new online or in a retail store. Probably because I was calling it a “muley”, it turns out they have a range of names: Food mill, passatutto, purée sieve, moulinette, mouli legumes, or passe-vite. Whatever you call it, I recommend keeping an eye out for one when you’re treasure hunting. They are a true treasure for a cook’s kitchen, especially those who preserve jams and the like. 

I got this one from The Quaint and the Curious several years ago but you can pick them up from any vintage shop, curiosity shop, or even an op-shop if you’re lucky. Flea markets and car boot sales are also good places to keep an eye out for this type of thing. If you’ve never seen one before, this is how you use them: 

Last night I made pasta sauce with tomatoes from our garden. I used the mouli to remove the tomato skins from the sauce just before serving. I also use my mouli to remove lumpy bits or skin from pumpkin soup. Remove plum or cherry stones from jam or puree or sauce…. mmmm plum sauce. Some people use them to mash potato to an extra smooth consistency. It’s great for making any puree’s smooth and more consistent.

A mouli comes with three basic parts – the main funnel shaped piece, the rotating blade with handle, and a sieve or three with different size holes. It’s a good idea to check all your pieces can fit together before you buy it case something is buckled. Also check for rust. Surface rust can be cleaned off but more serious rust should be avoided. Rust is really bad for your health.

Enjoy your treasure hunting, and share your treasures with us on instagram or facebook. We love seeing your favourite finds.