Own a Listing

Customers love using this directory for second hand and antique shopping.  It was designed for them, which is exactly why it works well for you too. See below just a few reasons why you should claim or create your own shop or market listing today for FREE. Upgrade to a paid listing for better reach to more customers.

Reach More Customers

We place Treasure Hunting adverts in clever places to reach new customers and remind old customers to visit your place again. Trust us, we're marketing experts. Compare the price of a treasurehunting listing to the price of a newspaper advert or phonebook directory. The value for money here is outstanding!

Hard Copy

This online directory is more than just online. Treasure Hunting also distributes printed versions of local shops and markets to information centres and large events. QR codes on shop front windows is also in the future plan to prompt customers along their treasure hunt.

Happy Customers

Get happy customers before they walk in the door by managing their expectations. Customers can find everything they want and need to know about your shop, market or garage sale before they arrive, leaving no room for disappointment. Happy customers will always return again, often with friends.

Map Location

Treasure Hunting has a great map with your exact location and open hours which is easy for customers to use from their mobile phone or tablet. So web browsers can easily visualise how and when they will include a stop at your place as part of their day plan or treasure hunt jaunt.


Using your own log-in, you can monitor the performance of your listing(s) with line graphs showing the number of people viewing your details daily, weekly or monthly. Learn about how customers are finding you by seeing the proportion of viewers using mobile devices vs desktop screens. 

Open Hours

Second hand shops, markets and garage sales tend to have unique opening hours. It's impossible to memorise them all, especially when they can change seasonally. Treasurehunting.co.nz places your open hours upfront so it's easy to find, plus the preview card shows if you're "OPEN" or "CLOSED" right now!

Centre of Information

Treasure Hunting is a useful information centre for browsers planning their shopping trips. ALL shops, markets and garage sales that sell second hand goods are welcome to list on treasurehunting.co.nz  In fact, it's important that the directory is comprehensive to provide value. For this reason, there will always be a free listing option.

No Adverts

Many other directory websites are funded by adverts. There will never be adverts here on treasurehunting.co.nz besides your listings. There’s a very good reason for this, we can’t stand being interrupted or distracted by annoying adverts so we're not going to do that your customers.

Marketing Experts

No matter what type of customer you have, Treasure Hunting will find them for you; Bargain hunters, Frugal budgeters, Antique collectors, Tourists, Browsers, Down-sizers, Spring cleaners, Estate inheritors, Generous donators ... Treasure Hunters.

Back Links

The more links to your website, the higher google will rank your website in search results. The more popular the source website (i.e. treasurehunting.co.nz), the more value google gives that link relationship. So always include a link to your website or social media profile in your treasurehunting.co.nz listing.

Social Media

Treasure Hunting has a growing following of enthusiasts and treasure hunters on facebook, instagram and pinterest. We share your posts on these platforms to our audience too increasing your reach to new customers.

Online Presence

If you don't have a website or a facebook page and google doesn't know your address, do you really exist? In today's environment, not being online is like not being in the phone book in the 1980's. Having a listing on treasurehunting.co.nz is the minimum your business should have.