Op Shop Trifecta

Op Shop Trifecta

If you head to the Waikato for any reason make sure to add some op shopping to your list of things to do. My recommendation is that you shouldn’t go past the three towns of Morrinsville, Matamata and Cambridge for an op shop trifecta! The towns are in close proximity to each other and offer a variety of shops. There are 12 shops between the 3 towns so you are sure to find a bargain or two.


Morrinsville is known for its cows both the mooing kind and its sculptures, a collection of life sized cows which you can read more about here For treasures of the second had variety head to these op shops.


Take a short drive of under 30 mins from Morrinsville and head to the town of Matamata. Often associated with Lord of the Rings and Hobbiton you can also find your own precious at the local op shops.

Hospice Matamata


The town of champions is approximately 30 mins from Matamata and is known for its award winning rowers, thoroughbred racing/studs and the velodrome. Of course there are the antique shops too. But if you are hunting for every day treasures then make sure to visit these op shops.

Hospice Cambridge

This of course is not an exhaustive list so if you find a store be sure to add it to the website www.treasurehunting.co.nz And we would love to see what you found over in our Facebook Group

Happy treasure hunting