Reasons Not to Second Hand Shop

Second hand shopping is not for you

Second Hand shopping is not for everyone, and that’s okay. Sometimes you’re just not into it, or the novelty wears off after awhile. The signs its not for you are pretty easy to spot:

  • New vs Old – If you would rather have new items in your home or wardrobe
  • Shopping is a sprint not a marathon – When you shop you have to know what you want and get in and out quickly. With second hand shopping generally it’s something that can’t be rushed. I often walk around the shop a couple of times or more because I might have missed something.
  • Bargains Schmargains – Price is no object, got to have it and don’t mind the cost so off shopping in the big smoke not the op shops, ohh no!
  • Nostalgia is so last year – Not interested in Nana’s china or Grandad’s tool shed

No time

If you love to give it a go but don’t have the time, the patience or the love for second hand shopping, don’t force it. However, you could set yourself a challenge and see if that helps. For example try not buying new clothes or home-wares for say 6 months and see if that helps. There’s no point spending hours trawling the shops trying to find the bargain that just tweaks at your heart strings, that you just HAVE to have to say “I love to op shop”. There definitely is no point bringing all your new treasures home to just sit there unloved, when someone else could have bought them.

Never mind all that unnecessary extra clutter at home of things you don’t even want!

I can easily spend hours trawling my favourite op shops, even if I don’t find what I am looking for, it’s still a favourite way to spend my spare time. But when you find that perfect thing that you just have to have, it’s such a great feeling!

What about donating to second hand shops if going shopping for yourself isn't your idea of fun any more?

But, it’s not everyone’s idea of a good time, of course. If shopping at second hand stores isn’t your idea of a great time, how about the other side of second hand shops?

Op Shop

Donating your unwanted goods to your local store.

With all the lockdowns we’ve had recently, a lot of us have spent time decluttering and getting rid of things we no longer want or need. No doubt plenty of those things are still in good enough condition that you could donate to a good cause? You have your pick these days, with op shops aligning with Salvation Army, Hospice, SPCA, Women’s Refuge, among many others. You get to clear out the house, AND contribute to a worthy cause. Win/Win!

Benefits of Second Hand Shopping

  • Stop some items from going to landfill
  • Help support charities
  • Nostalgia – People often buy second hand because it reminds them of something. Recently a customer purchased two floral prints because they reminded her of her childhood. Her mum had similar prints hanging on the wall.
  • Home Decor – Often if you can find good pieces of furniture its worthwhile purchasing because they have generally been well built and will last a lot longer yet.
  • Collections – People love collecting things from yesteryear weather its to add too or to start. From Crown Lynn to Temuka or pryrex to number plates and old cars if you can name it people probably collect it
  • Bargain hunting – The thrill of finding a great second hand item for a few dollars cant be ignored. Often I’ve found great art supplies while on the hunt for treasures

So, if you’re finding your heart just isn’t into hunting for new treasures, that’s ok! Step away, and if the desire for some new bargain hunting adventures strikes you again, there’s plenty of shops around to keep you happy.