The Origins of NZ's second hand directory

Hi, I’m Kirsten. Welcome to treasurehunting where you can find all the secret hunting grounds for anything second hand and preloved. Shops Markets and Garage Sales

A modern directory to replace all phone books and newspaper classifieds. It’s accurate, up to date and built from a wealth of community knowledge plus everything that I could actively seek out from all kinds of places to bring it all together in one useful resource. So customers can access what they need to know from home or on-the-go. Please use the contact us page to send any information you know for a new or existing listing on this directory.

Every year I come across places that were so secret, they ran out of business and ceased trading. My goal is to prevent that happening. This directory is designed to support local businesses, charity shops and fundraiser markets by making their details available especially the location and opening hours. Every shop, market and garage sale is included except car dealerships and online stores without a tangible shop.

This second hand directory concept is an idea I’ve been talking about for years. It was born of frustration when I was an ambitious, organised and frugal student studying marketing. I would plan a circuit of op-shops to scour for fabulous affordable clothes or a simple piece of furniture for my flat but my whole day would be ruined when I turned up to find the a store closed on a Monday or unable to accept eftpos payments! One day I rang around four charity shops to find one that would accept my donation of a rattling washing machine and be able to pick it up from my place. I think that was the day I realised a directory needed to be so much more than what you can find in the yellow pages.

That was in 2006. So more than 10 years later I finally have the opportunity before I go on maternity leave to create this grand directory. I call it Treasure Hunting because it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor or environmentally motivated, we’re all in search of a treasure or two however you define what a treasure is to you.

So if you’re looking for a precious unique piece to suit your style or a thrifty bargain, you’ve come to the right place. Use the categories to narrow your search.

If you’re looking for a place that will sell your expensive designer clothes on your behalf. Use these tags Sells on behalf or Buys & Sells. Please note, not all shops are using tags effectively yet. So also check out the clothing category.

If you’re looking for craft markets coming up this weekend, use the dates filter on the treasure maps page under the markets tab.

If you’re looking for all the best book shops in the land, Use the Books category. What about vinyl and music stores? There’s a music category too.

If you’re looking for places that will accept donation of large household when you move home, use tags “will pick up” or “accepts donations” to narrow down a list of places to contact. And you can contact some directly from their listing if they have included an email address.

If you’re looking for authentic vintage style that suits your decor, check out the gallery images of shop listings that match your keyword search. 

If you’re looking for a guide as you travel into new territories, use the website on your mobile device, check out the map button at the bottom of the screen.

Looking for all the garage sales and markets on today within a certain distance of your place, use a combination of clever search filters on the treasure maps page.

Where ever you go, remember to tell all the second hand and antique shops and markets that you visit about this treasure hunting directory so they can see how effective it is for their business. That will really help keep the momentum of this directory going on and on.

And join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Find out latest sales, events and share your excitement about your latest stella treasure find. Happy Treasure Hunting.