Treasure Hunting in Thames

Treasure Hunting in Thames

In the lead up to Christmas 2021 I was able to get away for a few days and I chose the town of Thames on the Corromandel Peninsula. It wasn’t too far away time wise but far enough away from home to have a break. For such a small town it certainly had a good variety of second hand stores to choose from. After not being able to travel since July it was nice to get a break away and find all those hidden treasures.

The main shopping area of Thames is located on Pollen Street. At the top end of the main street is the area known as Grahamstown and here you will find a variety of stores.

Thames Treasures Indoor Market

Second Hand Stores

St Johns – 101 Pahau Street

Salvation Army – 713 Pollen Street

Crown Lynn and More store – where I got to meet Mon the owner of the store and purchase a cup to add to my collection of coffee cups. – 756 Pollen Street.

Crown Lynn and More Store, Thames

Thames Treasures Indoor Market – 621 Pollen Street. A mixture of stalls selling a variety of goods reminiscent of my time in the USA where they had a huge indoor market.

Lotus Realm mixture gift shop – 714 Pollen Street. Coffee shop, secondhand market and music shop.

Antiques in Thames – 638 Pollen Street.

HART Op Shop

Seven Five Two: 752 Pollen Street. A mixed gift store with second hand purchased another globe to add to the collection

Spca Op Shop – 738-740 Pollen Street

On the outskirts of town heading up the coast towards Coromandel is the Seagull Centre where you will find anything imaginable . This is the shop attached to their Refuse Centre.

Right at the beginning of the shopping area on Pollen Street, you will find the Hospice Shop.

Like many other towns I’ve visited recently, there. is definitely no shortage of places to do some Treasure Hunting! Have you Treasure Hunted in Thames before? What was your favourite?